A polaroid camera is probably a subject that is not unknown to you. The chance that you have seen someone walking around with it at a party is big, very big. But the chance that you know exactly what a polaroid camera is, is small, very small. Because of this, we will describe to you exactly what a polaroid camera is. Read here more about this subject so you will make the right choice.

How does a polaroid camera work?

The development of analogue photographs usually requires film reels, a darkroom and photosensitive chemicals. A polaroid camera combines all these elements by integrating the film and the chemicals into the same paper. In an analogue camera, the film reacts to the lighting and forms a negative, a photograph in which the colours are complementary to the original. Red becomes cyan, green becomes magenta, and blue becomes yellow. In a darkroom, the negative is transferred to photographic paper containing silver halides, which react to the exposure and form the final photograph. The chemicals in the photo paper are extremely sensitive to light. Therefore, development must take place in the dark.

A Polaroid camera is a fast-acting darkroom, which only lets in light briefly just after you press the button. The light forms a negative on a piece of film that consists of layers. The two rollers that push the paper out of the camera add chemicals that fill the areas that have not yet reacted. This creates a photo within seconds. With some polaroid camera’s you will get a custom polaroid film or a branded instant photo. This basically means that the cover around the photo, will be with a format. A certain print of brand that you have selected will be printed as a cover around the photo.

How to use one?

Before you print your first photo with your polaroid camera, you need to get the camera ready for use. The steps to get your polaroid camera ready to use are charge your polaroid camera (usually this can be done with a USB charger at the back of the camera), place and load the photo paper, set up the camera and lastly; take the picture. As already said, some polaroid cameras will instantly deliver the picture. However, some don’t. With these cameras you are required to bring the camera to a store that can extract the photos from your camera and print them.