Due to the impact of the COVID-19 on the economy, this has heavily impacted the livelihood of several people. The effect of the virus has been dire, especially for so many SMEs. The lockdown has got so many small businesses liquidated and those who managed out of the pandemic are still trying to get their act together. The telecoms industry to the anomaly. The pandemic has increased the frugality of customers as they intend to account for every dollar spent purchasing luxury items which aren’t essentials. Due to the present realities, big business owners are coming with Black Friday deals to help their customers purchase their goods at far less their original price. Globally, Black Friday is known to be a big shopping event of the year.

Benefits of Black Friday to telecoms customers and service providers

The Black Friday events is normally observed around November. This implies the prices of goods are slashed every Friday of November to help customers purchase at far less the price of the items. Reading ee broadband review might help provide you with the information requisite to purchase affordable broadband services.

Some of the benefits of Black Friday deals for telecoms customers include:


Customers get mouth-watering discount on different telecoms products and services such as mobile phones, broadband services. The service providers are not left out also, because the Black Friday deals stimulates customers to purchase more than they would if the products are sold at their original price. Reports suggests that Chinese retailer, Alibaba recorded over $38.37 billion in gross merchandise volume and $1.29 billion in delivery orders at the end of its Black Friday sales last year.

Increase Sales Volume

Due to the ravaging impact of the virus, most MSMEs have lost in sales volume, so the Black Friday deals for various telecoms providers allows them to recoup on loses they may have experienced in the year.

Offloading goods with low shelf life

You can read  Online Reviews to discover products with low shelf life. Certain telecoms products have low shelf life such as batteries and several others, the Black Friday deals will offer telecoms service providers to remove some of their products from the shelf to give way for new products.

The Black Friday deals provide both customers and telecoms service providers to recoup from a harsh year instigated by the pandemic. Platforms like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms will be hosting their Black Friday and this affords telecom SMEs to display their products and possible sales. The benefit of the Black Friday is both two-ways. It’s a plus for telecoms service providers and also for customers. Telecom companies and operators are offering discounts on their connectivity products, also large brick-and-mortar shops and telecom players are offering discounted products on Black Friday. Telecom giants and other telecommunication companies are also part of the telecoms deals.